Shaft Meets The Doors Meets The Eagles

‘Chalk Stars’ by ANIMAL KINGDOM (these animals really are getting about a bit at the mo at least when it comes to artist names) is an incredibly, slow, plodding piece of (you’re kinda wondering where this is going ain’t ya?) beautiful indie music. If you’re in that strange place where you want to cry and need something to push you over the edge this might just do it.

I love hearing new sounds from all around the world, one of the funny things about this is being totally seduced by a beat, rhythm, melody whatever it is, wondering what this amazing exotic ‘new’ sound is and of course it could be five years old in that place.

I sense this may be the case with BALKAN BEAT BOX which I don’t just love but recognise as the inspiration for that awesome house track Trumpetta I went on about before Christmas (and still half expect to break thru this summer).

Also international but not exactly boundary breaking with their border line Disco-Cheese sounds (and therefore totally insatiable) are MUSIC GO MUSIC. Seriously it’s like ABBA have all died and been reincarnated as twenty something wannabe hippies on the American West Coast. ‘Light of Love’ is a bit too much for me, ‘I Walk Alone’ just right and I personally love the Blondie vibe of  ‘Warm In The Shadows’ although if they break thru the former two will probably be responsible. The Shaft meets The Doors meets The Eagles parts of ‘Reach Out’ are pretty on it too!

Nml x