Shake It, Murk It, Donk It Etc

You’ll have gathered by now I have a rather obsessive love for LATE OF THE PIER, they surf that indie/ electronic music wave that I fall off so often, so well. Which means they could release a deadly virus and I’d still be enthused by it, check out ‘Best In Class’. It’s neither deadly nor viral.

DAN BLACK is not an artist I am overly familiar with, maybe it’s the Holy vibes of his music that have captured my soul making a pact with the lord (or should that be satan?) not to release it until I share the love here on BN. I am defo finding myself very much enraptured by the weirdly named ‘Gorecki Fix Up My Girlfriend Some More’. And I can’t quite explain why.

No explanation issues with J2K’s ‘Don’t Let Go’. Quite simply a monster of a club banger set to get asses, phat and pert, shaking all over the United Kingdom and further afield. Shake it, murk it, donk it etc (I wonder if the phrase ‘donk it etc’ has ever been uttered before?)