She Isn’t Getting Any

Feeling Soulful half way thru the week. Got my hands on this DOMU album (sorry nearly forgot… featuring PETE SIMPSON) and it really is a very chilled out listen but still funky, ‘Look A Little Further‘ is definitely worthy of further investigation (sorry).

As is the new Jill Scott album. Although this may seem a strange word to use there is a definite ‘menace’ about this LP which you might not at first realise unless you listen in close to those lyrics. This is the point at which I make some 70s esque sexist remark about the fact she probably ain’t getting any, but of course I wouldn’t do that and besides I believe that to exactly be the case! Because…

This album is the result of a divorce and you can tell, possibly it’s the stronger for birthing out of such emotions. Album track ‘The Real Thing‘ and track three ‘Hate on Me‘ are the stander outters for me (the musical equivalent of outie belly buttons).

Keeping the Giles P type vibe going a track I’m sure he’d love (this is when you tell me he started last weeks show with it) is CROSSING POINT – ‘Metropolis’. No nothing about this accept there is a midlands connection, need to find out more.

nml x