Simply Red??!

Never, ever, ever when I started sharing my New Music loves online did I ever, ever, ever (x infinity like I used to say when arguing with my sis) think I would point you in the way of any tune that anything what so ever to do with the Blue-Eyed Soul Ginge that is Mick Hucknall. But come on we musn’t be New Music snobs, if its good its good and to be fair the guy can sing… kinda.

Ok deep breath, so here it goes… I really like the new Simply Red song! Ahhhhhh see there I said it. Albeit I must add in House Music form courtesy of a fabulous remix from TRIPLE DEE, what I understand will the the comeback single from Mr H, tis called ‘Go Now’.

JENNIFER HUDSON has shown some early promise of being more than just another middle of the road RnB popstar, maybe taking things to that Beyonce level of sales, funkyness and crediblity. Her latest effort could deliver on that promise, teaming up with LUDACRIS ‘Pocketbook’ its a fabulous track for any boogie incluined individual’s shoes to devour.

When it comes to UK artists that have tight-walked the musical purity line of credibliity and commercial success there are few who have done it better (or funkier for that matter) than Fat Boy Slim. His new BRIGHTON PORT AUTHORITY¬† project is struggling a bit when it comes to maintaining the sales success but is still doing the goods for me musically. His new track ‘Seattle’ is ace.

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