Sleeping Walking To Gigs

Had the pleasure of hearing a lot of good New Music out and about this weekend. The live highlight was what I thought was a new band to me called the JAYWAYS. Thing is I defo knew one of their songs so either I have had a musical De Ja Vu moment, they’ve knicked one of my songs or I’ve been sleeping walking to gigs and have actually seen them before!  (sleep-gigging anyone?)

Musical mystery to one side two tracks from these guys stood out. One that I’m guessing (you kinda have to at gigs don’t ya?) is called ‘All I Can See’ althought Myspace seeems to imply it might be called ‘Darling’ and then the mystery tune (??). The reason the mystery remains unsolved being that the stand out tune is not up on their myspace, come on boys get that good stuff out there!

Eric Prydz is fast (if not already actually) estabalishing himself as THE electronic dance music producer. About to enjoy his third cross over Number One (this man doesn’t deal with two and down… three singles, three number ones) and still maintainer of credibilty and mastery of the underground dancefloor I heard an incredible new effort from him coutrtesy of Pete ‘its Thursday so I might actually bother staying in the UK’ Tong. PRYDA’s ‘Rakfunk’ is immense.

And now to touch on potentially sensitive ground. I heard a new track which I was told by J DILLA, now sadly if you’re not aware that is J DILLA RIP. Of course that doesn’t mean the material is not unreleased and therefore Brand New as we know it. I’ll let you do your own digging on ‘Drive Me Wild’, I’d never heard it before and think its a great tune.

nml x



PRYDA 27 mins in