MACHINES DONT CARE have a sound that is very Sinden, very Herve, very County and is quite possibly yet another name for the same electro sweatshop somewhere in London that is turning out all this amazing dirty, electro music. ‘Afro-Jacker’ is a really good tune, needless to say its absolutely filthy.

I was trying to think of the appropriate word to describe the new RAGHAV tune. Yes its funky, yes it sounds hiphop, but the groove is so laboured (in a good way) that the best word I could come up with is ‘sludgey’. If you’re interested in looking up by favourite piece of Sludge-Hop, its called ‘My Kind of Girl’.

NICK CAVE continues to amaze me with the quality of the New Music he creates. Skool boy error I know but I still haven’t quite got round to sampling his album which does have the positive of meaning I keep getting surprised by tunes from it I haven’t heard yet. ‘Midnight Man’ is such a pleasant surprise with that classic driving, slightly sinister Cave energy and is out end of the month.

nml x