So Called Summer

As Mary-Anne herself said the KULTURE track ‘Vitamin D’ is vibrant. Add to that large, moving, innovative and quite simply down-right fabulous. I love this piece of music. I love it on a sonic level, and I love it on a ‘lets try something f;’*ing different level’, the very essence of Brand New Music.

TEAM WATERPOLO were already building themselves a nice little rep with my ears and then they make a track that I would have to mention regardless of how it gets on with my ears. How spot on is a track called ‘So Called Summer’?!

As the weekend is nearly upon us lets end our Friday afternoon online daliance with a bit of House. There quite a few house/ electro numbers out there sampling some really big classics. Mentioned before the Lolas Theme rerub, there’s a Va Helden ‘You Don’t Even Know’ white label out there I haven’t tracked down yet and there is also NICOLA FASANO vs PAT-RICH. Sampling The Bucketheads who were sampling Chicago there ’75 Brazil Street’ is humongous!

nml x


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