Songs That Can Turn Your Sexuality

The weekend just past featured more than shotglass full of rave. The arguable highlight was the ‘Broke-Tech’ (you come up with a better description) of ‘Gold Bricks’ by MOSCA. It’s that rare track that works as well at the start of a set as the end and is almost worthy of peak time drop too.

Very different vibe, still massive, and still very much dance floor is the twenty first century disco stormer that is Perfect Combination by KILL THE NOISE. Seriously be warned that listening to this may will turn your sexuality, camp handbag-tastic!

Handbrake from these but keeping it sexy (said in Barry White style voice of course) is the new track from ROBIN THICKE. ‘Meiple’ is him at his uptempo RnFunk best which I like most. I don’t have as much time for the slow down-tempo stuff, love the funk vibe. And the fact he proudly works that most ghetto of names, ‘robin’. Love that!