SONIC was a legend when he was just an animated hedgehog making my childhood that bit more bearable, now he’s blossomed into a dancefloor legend with a killer of a tune ‘Stickin’. A tune that comes with a health warning whereby it must only be experienced in a club where it sounds amazing as opposed to at home during the day where it sounds like roadworks on the M25.

I’ve been a bit slow on THE TEMPER TRACK, fair chance you’re already all over them, if however like me you have been a bit tardy there’s still time to address this musical oversight.  A large batch of great songs with some hearty remixes too, personally likin the FILTHY DUKES Remix of ‘Science Of Fear’ the mostest.

Me recommending THE STREETS is not something that happens very often, perhaps the fact this ‘Slow Songs’ track only features them is what tipped things here, both in terms of making the tune ace and writing bout it tolerable. GIGGS is the main man on this provocative down tempo rap melodic poem.