Space Invaders and Orange Paddys

Not only is THE PADDY ORANGE PROJECT the best new band name I’ve heard in ages they have also produced most definitely the funkiest new tune I’ve heard this week. Now knowing how much I love things funky you won’t be surprised to hear that ‘Move On’ is currently heading at Mach 7 straight to the summit of this week’s top three.

Random indie tune of the week (I sense a feature coming on) is looking like being PRINZHORN DANCE SCHOOL – ‘You are the space invader’. I think the words say it all with this one.

On the more soulful tip really enjoying this weeks’ leaks of the new JILL SCOTT album especially its title track ‘The Real Thing’ and song three ‘Hate on Me’, don’t ya love the internet?! (sorry Jill)

Happy Weekend

nml x


Random Note

Is it just me who finds the concept of Paddy Orange something of a head fuck? Paddy immediately makes me think of Ireland and orange has surely got to be the most hated colour to the vast majority of the Irish Diaspora . Umm maybe I need to stop reading so much into things.