Has it really been a whole month since it was six months? Shheeeeittttttt time is flying in twenty fifteen. Let’s chat bout a banger in a futile effort to temporarily halt time and live in the moment. Played ‘Emergency Art Rate’ (I mean don’t you just love it straight from that track name?) by ‘STEVE’ (I refer to my previous bracketed comment)  to a mate who looked blanker than a blank thing, I checked his pulse to see if he was dead, ironic due to the ‘baby get your heart rate down’ lyric (not that I refer to my mates as ‘baby’, honest). Dead-inside-mates to one side Emergency Art Rate is as rowdy as fuck (no I’m not sure what rowdy sex is either, but I’m open to finding out) . This is the musical equivalent of the rock n roll front man who’s been there, done it, but be in no doubt whatsoever still has it, as he polishes off his berocca with a shot of Scotch. But sung by a woman. Love.

Of the New Music I’ve heard so far from Jamie Moon my favourite track by him is not by him. ‘Superman’ by LOUIS MATTRS would sit nice and snuggly on Jamie’s new album so endowed with Moon Vibes it is. Sultry and emotive the song chugs along like an old steam train enjoying retirement on a small country line in a Welsh valley. Choo, choo.

Any track called ‘Paris’ has extra connotations post the recent violence, not to mention Francois Holland’s audacious attempt to out do George W in the ‘most likely response to attack to result in further attacks’ stakes. ZIBRA are the band behind this monster of track that sounds like the bastard  result of a dirty weekend in the French Capital between Late of the Pier and Saint Motel.