Sudanese Teddy Bears

A Couple of really special tracks to mention including one I shud av bigged up ages ago. I heard them do a raw version in session for XFM when they were riding the ‘Thou Shalt Always’ bandwagon and it stood out but now they’ve got it down on to disc it sounds amazing. Great use of an unusual sample choice (Radiohead) and again top notch ‘I wish I was that clever’ lyrics from DAN LA SAC vs SCROBIUS PIP, you gotta check out ‘Letter From God To Man‘.

The second track really engaging my mind as well as shaking my booty also has a touch of ‘Thou Shalt Always’ genius about it. Its called ‘Lidl‘ and is I think by an artist called AFRICAN BOI, you can probably gather I’m a bit sketchy on the details but you’ll see below I’ve found a utube link. This song is very funny and quite catchy in the process, what more can I say about a rap about supermarkets?? The best grocery establishment based track since that britpop’s ‘Mum’s gone to Iceland’ tune back in THE LAST MILLENNIUM!

Speaking of the last millennium if you forced me to pick out my ten favourite old tracks then after throwing my toys out of the pram and protesting I only care about new music I would most probably give a serious mention to George Harrison and a certain weeping guitar song. So as such you’d probably expect me to pursue the WU TANG CLAN with the vigour of a recently affronted Sudanese Teddy Bear I must confess I really like The Heart Gently Weeps‘. Its definitely pure musical marmite so you’ll either join me in my love or be joining our friend Mr Sudanese Teddy, there’s no middle way on such things… you either with us or against us!

nml x