Summer Jockeying

Some big tunes out there at the moment as artists jockey around poised to strike for that much chased Summer Anthem status. Somewhat ironically I doubt most of the musical darlings attracting my attention will even bother the edge of the charts but hey ho I like stroking my metaphorical beard and I ain’t ashamed to say it. Tunes stroking my beard over the last few days include

THE WHIP and ‘Black Out’ which is quite simply a big, big tune and no I’ve told you before I don’t really know what big means. Yes its a ridiculous saying but you know what I mean don’t you? See, case closed.

On the DnB vibe EZ ROLLERS – ‘Lets Give’ is on repeat on my stereo, big melodic DnB that at least gets you believing it might drag out the sun even if it never will (bit like the Channel Five Doc last night on a dog that MIGHT be able to count, genius)

House wise its all about the Swedes (a phrase oft spouted in House music circles and increasingly so as their mafia take over) and the latest stormer from STEVE ANGELLO, I really, really like ‘Gypsy’.