Summer Term 2007 has come to an end which means my…

Summer Term 2007 has come to an end which means my radio show is on sabbatical for three months so I thought I’d start writing inanely about all the great tunes I’ve been hearing now instead of just talking inanely about them.

John Kennedy on XFM has had a proper random tune of the week the last few days. It sounds like a German Ompa band from the 1930s who’ve had too much bubblegum, it is truly random and I love it. Its called.. well I’m not sure and I really need to find out!

Westwood played an interesting track on his In New Music We Trust Show which sampled the classic ‘Stand By Me’ and I gotta say it doesn’t really work for me but I have a horrible feeling if it doesn’t grow on me it certainly will on thirteen year olds UK wide. Sean some one??

f you haven’t seen Calvin Harris yet live you need to do so. He’s a good live performer, not more not less but he just has some great tunes, believe me this guy is here to stay. People keep calling him the new Mylo well I think he could be much bigger. ‘Vegas’ and ‘Money Maker’ could both go top 5 and House Headz everywhere who might find all these too poppy are going to love ‘Industry’, it went off when he played that.. always a killer sign when the crowd react like that to a track they haven’t heard before. I reckon we are talking at least four top 10s for Calvin by the end of 07, royalties of which Mr Mylo could only dream!

Speaking of live peeps especially funky ones if you do one thing (and I realise this suggestion is kinda blasphemous) you need to check out Mark Ronson and his band live. yeh its covers and so in theory old but Mr Ronson’s interpretations are trully unique and original and therefore qualify for a Brand Nu big-up, there is also the bonus that his gigs appear to put everyone in such a funky happy mood its easy to pull ; 0 )