This would be the moment at which I grovel about my recent blogging lameness and then look back over the last two months. Ranting on about how FOALS have done it again or how I can’t believe Bowie has still got it, but we never look back on Brand Nu so I will not mention that I am loving the return of the YEAH YEAH YEAHS as well as everything DUKE DUMONT touches at the moment. Instead we’ll jump straight to the present with an eye as ever on the future, oh and we definitely won’t mention JAMES BLAKE either.

A lot to love for ‘Auroa’ by SUNLESS 97. It’s just so damn smooth, and sexy and other adjectives that normally make my skin crawl when used to describe music, but they are accurate in this context, in a good way. This track is so relaxed, so effortless, so nonchalant, like The XX if they sounded happy. It’s the cool girl at college going out with the 27 year old who every now and again throws you a smile that makes you wonder, ‘maybe just maybe’. Absolutely love this, a track to chill to, to party to and to recover to.

April last year I decribed  INDIANA as, ‘A unique, emotive, raw talent that I think can go all the way’. Check her new track and vid ‘Bound‘ below, think I’m sticking with my original description, stardom beckons no doubt.

I like Woodkid, we’ve discussed this before, and when he gets SEBASTIAN on the remix I like him even more. Seb’s reworking (Yeah Seb man, my buddy Seb) of ‘Run Boy Run’ is the dog’s gangly bits.

ADY SULEIMAN has the potential to be just as metaphorically gangly. I first saw him live autumn last year and every time I’ve seen him since he’s grown in confidence to a place now where he owns the stage. Thing is his voice already ‘owns it’, he’s got 3 awesomely catchy tunes (all pass the ‘shower test’) and he ain’t bad on the eye which always helps in the fickle world of music. Music cliche alert… Definitely one to watch.