Tarted Up Ladies Of The Night

I don’t know much about PHOEBE KILDEER but I can tell ya her track ‘Paranoia’ is totally fab. Really upbeat, lots going on, quite funky, cutting lyrics and a sassy attitude. This is the musical equivalent of tarted up lady walking the street who you think might just might be a lady of the night, but is probably just majorly on the pull.

BRYN CHRISPOPHER’s ‘The Quest’ has more than an element of pimpage about it albeit in a very funky quite soulful Pharoche Monche brand of hiphop kinda way (that was quite a mouthful wasn’t? Hmm something our lady of the night might know about). As I love PM I clealry am finding myself rather partial to BC!

NNIE ‘I Know Your Girlfriend‘ has a similar sassiness to Phoebe although its a bit girlier, bit more cheerleader with attitude than potential lady of the night like Phoebe’s music. Good track.

Without wanting to paint a picture of myself as a total musical ignoramous (at least I’ll appear an honest one) I need to mention another band I know nothing about, they are called LETTERS FROM LONDON . Heard their tune ‘Little Vagabond’ online and I really like it. Exactly the sort of high energy indie with a smidgeon of funk and distincitive vocal that I really love.

nml x