That Insatiable Girl At College

Ok its catch-up time!

I cannot believe how big their sound is and yet how unknown their myspace is, it’s rare to find a genuine pop star in the making out there in Brand New land but that is exactly what THE SMEEZINGTONS are. Less than a 1000 plays on their tunes, f*&K all friends (although there are some big names in there so maybe more to this than meets the eye). I love the sleazy swagger of ‘Girls On The Floor’. Top Ten written all over this.

Heard this amazing WHITE LABEL out dancing the other day which is I think (after much intense research, ok googling) based on BAKERMAN’s ‘Laid Back’ (which I’ve linked to below). Imagine the melancholy chords here, lose the comedy lyrics and just repeat the ‘Take It Easy’ refrain and you have a beautiful end of the night House stormer, place went mental.. in a reflective chilled kinda way.

Something I heard last night when the sun shined for about thirty minutes and it actually seemed like summer was a grimey, hiphop, electro funky mash-up. Summing up where the UK urban scene is at the mo – a complete mess or original diverse boundary pushing movement depending on your perspective. FUNKY DEE’s ‘You Bang’ is the sort of song you will dislike and still find yourself moving, it’s insatiable, just like you imagined that girl in college is when you’re day-dreaming.

A mate of mine gave me a heads up on THE TUNICS cause his friend’s sister’s dog once went to skool with, ya get the vibe. Two very different songs available to enjoy on their website, I like the Jamie T vibe to ‘Cost Of Living’ which is odd cause I don’t generally like Jamie T! (though his new material is changing that feeling)

Happy Weekend you sexy thing : 0 )