That’s One Very Expensive Swimming Pool!


I am well up for the Olympics, indeed I got up earlier pretty much than I have ever got up in my life to try and get tickets (Beach Volleyball here I come! What dya mean my tickets are for the men?). But I have got to say £269MILLION POUNDS IS A F*&KING LOT FOR SWIMMING POOL!

Fear not UK tax-payer, the Olympic Swimming Pool opened today to celebrate one year till the games is apparently, ‘a really good pool’, I should hope so for a quarter of a billion quid! In fact apparently it’s ‘quite a fast pool’ whatever that means? Has the water been genetically modified to allow human flesh to cut through quicker? Are they secret invisible fish to help pull along the swimmer? Are their jet streams to push the swimmer along?

Wonder what they’ve got up their sleeves in the velodrome?