The Apple Promotions Board

I’m listening again to one of the best, most eclectic dance shows on any station in the world and the current track on the Loose Cannons Kiss 100 show is funky-ass! A track that could be dropped in quite a lot of different dance floor contexts me thinks I really hope I hear DON DIABLO’s ‘Too Cool For School’ out 2nite.

I’ve finally worked out what this ‘G Teeth’ scribble in my New Music note book is, it means up and coming pop beat combo GOLD TEETH! Their track ‘Everybody’ should be all over the playlist of any radio station with just a gold once of credibility (which these days might not be too many – what with the expensive price of gold and all).

I’ve never considered the apple to be the funkiest of fruits (I’ve always seen funk as the dominion more of the mango or pineapple) but THE APPLES might well do more for that humble little green fruit’s rep than any amount of marketing by the Apple Promotions Board. Check out the breaks, samples and general Grandmaster Flash Esque mash-up of ‘The Power’.

Nml x