The Backstage Old People’s Home

Ok the big, big, big track of midweek has without doubt been PROFESSOR GREEN’S 80s sampling-tastic ‘I Need You Tonight’, not only is this going to cross over into the mainstream it will commit full-on GBH on the Top Ten and will I suspect be one of those cross-genre smashers that everyone loves… until it gets overexposed and overnight no one can stand it anymore!

On a very different tip, and acknowledging what a broad church we New MUsic Lovers are, I never thought I’d be bigging up R KELLY?! His new tune is a proper soulful disco gem, this would have sounded mint in 1978. Still sounds pretty lush in 2010. Just don’t anlayse the lyrics of ‘Be My No 2’ too close, hope she’s over-age!

Speaking of seasoned performers defying time’s intention for them to chill in the Backstage Old People’s hone whilst the young pups take up the baton. Really feeling the new single from PAUL WELLER ‘Waking Up The Nation‘, the DJ ZINC Remix aint to shabby either.