The Brand Nu Top Three 09 01 09

The Brand Nu Top Three 09 01 09 

1) CLARE MAGUIRE‘Strangest Thing’

2) EMPIRE OF THE SUN‘Walking On A Dream’

3) BOY BETTER KNOW –Too Many Men’

With an Honorary mention to TEKI LATEX + THE GENEVAN HEATHEN – ‘Go Go Go’  and JACK PENATE – ‘Tonight’s Today’

This week’s “great but not quite”:

TURBO WOLF – ‘Do Me Wrong’

KID CARPET‘I Don’t Want To Fall In Love With You’ (LOOSE CANNONS MAKE ME SICK Mix)

FRANK TURNER – ‘Reasons Not To Be An Idiot’

PASSION PIT – ‘Cuddle Fuddle’

Future Loop Foundation – ‘The Sea & The Sky (TRENCHMAN Remix)