The Fiesty Girl In The Year Above

I know only two things about JOHANNA. In his New Music Wisdom Xfm’s John Kennedy has made them his band of the week and even more importantly (you’ll understand yes JK?) they are damn ass funky! Their tune ‘Think About Life’ is awesome.

You and I have chatted about our fondness for unsigned artist RONIKA a few times over the last year so it was great to read the masses catching up as the Guardian today laud her electro pop brilliance.

Whilst we’re on Ronika she has a new EP on the way and what a surprise its rather super duper smashing great. Check out ‘Paper, Scissors and Stone’ on her new Do Or Die EP now.

It’s funny how I’m finding more and more New Music not via myspace or some crazy internet radio station but You Tube. Was checking out the song that made me fall for KATE NASH the incredible ‘Pumpkin Soup’ and what dya know she’s got a new song, and I love it! In your face, aggressive, all the energy that send men weak at the knees when catching the eye of that incredibly feisty girl in the year above. ‘I Just Love You More’ has indeed increased my love for Miss Nash a notch or three.