The French And THeir Water Supply

You know how governments put fluoride in the water supply? Well in certain parts of France they clearly put cheese instead, I can only surmise that DAVID GUETTA lives in one such area close to Bob Sinclar as he is imitating step by step Bob’s morphing from credible House Producer to cheesey commercial dance dj. Still it’s hard to argue with the largeness of his AKON collab ‘Sexy Bitch’. Like all good cheese it stinks but simultaneously tastes amazing.

I’m relieved to say MUSE don’t appear to have recorded their whole new album in France, after listening to the Bohemian Rhapsody-Esque Eurasian or  Whatever its called I did wonder. The second new track to leak from them ‘Up Rising’ is Muse at their focused powerful best by which I mean they are focused on the groove rather than meandering all over the musical place like with the Eurasia song.

Keeping the relieved vibe ARTIC MONKEYS have mimicked Muse in first sharing a lame new record with us, worrying us they had gone pants before then releasing something fabulous into the Brand Nu Wild. As much as I was crying when hearing that first track I am laughing with delight and nervous relief to the in your face sounds of ‘Pretty Visitors’.