The Future of Music is in Your Hands

And there is one very clear, decisive, effective action you can take to protect new music as we know and love it, buy the MALCOLM MIDDLETON RECORD, I repeat buy the MALCOLM MIDDLETON record. I’ve risked breaking the 7 COMMANDMENTS of Brand Nu Music in order to get this message passed the baddies and into your hands, its that serious, oh yes.

This is one of the great Battles of our time… Capitalism vs Commuism, Allies vs Nazis, Millwall vs Palace. See Simon Cowell and his Star War-esque dark Empire sitting there stroking his pussy James Bond baddie style is laughing at us. He thinks he’s won but we know different. Ok Colin Murray may annoy you at times but at this moment he is our Luke Sky walker and we must follow is led to a more beutiful 2008 where reality pop is no longer king, where song writing with passion and wit wins through.

The time is now comrade, only apathy stand between you, me, Malcolm and greatness, the Revolution is near, its time to step up, all you need to do is contribute 79p!

Buy MALCOLM MIDDLETON ‘We’re All Going To Die’ NOW saving the Xmas Number One from the hands of the Dark Factor Empire.

Thank you for your bravery

nml x