The Importance Of The Goat To The British Music Industry

MAYER HAWTHORNE is a new artist to me is he to you? Certainly not to Mark Ronson who’s radio show rip is on Mayer’s myspace. If you can listen to the MySpace blind folded, let that voice on ‘Maybe So, Maybe No’ paint an image in your mind and then see what a square Mayer looks like! This man could do more for the rep of the square than anyone since Lisa Simpson, ahh actually did she do good or bad??

I was sure we’d done a heads up on the Pop-Hop antics of  KID BRITISH before but the Brand Nu search feature disagrees, so let me warn thee you’ll be hearing ‘Our House Is Dadless’ all summer long, no seriously you will. Awesome now destined to do our respective heads in come September (and probably their’s too).

KILL IT KID continue the tradition (hinted above) of every new band evolving out of the UK needing to have the word ‘kid’ in it, till recently I hadn’t realised what an inspiring effect young goats had on musicians of our country. Now that ignorance has been addressed that inspiring influence comes through loud and not so clear on the one moment White Stripes-Esque brash, the next Fleet Foxes-Esque vulnerable ‘Burst Its Banks’. This is a top tune!