The Like, Aeroplane and Savoir Adore

What can I say about THE LIKE apart from the fact that yeah I err really, really like them. ‘Wishing He Was Dead’ is a great piece of feisty pop. Check the video of them totally nailing it at Camden Crawl a while back. Great track, cute band.

Always been a big fan of AEROLANE so even though their latest pushes their funk sound to the edges of cheese I’m sticking with them on their latest musical journey which might even see them break through to the charts, ‘Superstar’ is big, big, big!

SAVOIR ADORE isn’t a totally new band name to me, just taken a while for me to graduate from enjoying them to becoming aware who they were to seeing them live to finally getting my arse into gear to mentioning on Brand Nu. Great band, great tunes, great live what isn’t too love? Picking a fav is tricky though, if pushed I’d say ‘Bodies’ cause it also has a tasty FRENCH HORN REBELLION Remix accompanying it.