The Loch Ness Monster’s Gangsta Beats

Ok get your ears ready for a totally fucked up mixture of brand new tunes to throw the way of your ear canal.

Kicking off with the very randomly called HAIGHT-ASHBURY, their new tune ‘Freeman’ town has a kind of musical momentum about it. It just roles and roles, like a big piece of cheese down a country hill on a summers day at sum nutty village’s May Day celebrations.

SKIMAN is a really exciting artist. Good flows and great beats, and if this ‘Top Of The World’ track is anything to go by quite an innovator too, I’ve never heard a beat like this. Imagine the Loch Ness Monster making gangsta beats with his bagpipes and you have some idea.

So a band, a rapper lets finish with a producer making some grimey electronic music courtesy of BENGA and KATY B’s ‘On A Mission’. Dubstep with more than a hint of Four To The Floor (which is possibly why I’m feeling it) this is that still rare thing in my opinion, a dubstep track genuinely complemented and maybe even enhanced by a vocal.