The Moment Of Sexual Transition

It seems such a strange thing to say about a folk band but I just love the on-it, forward thinking innovative nature of MUMFORD AND SONS, a nature embodied beautifully by their new musical project resulting from their time in India. Collaborating with some Indian folk musicians and LAURA MARLING their new ‘Dharohar EP’ is super duper.

I’ve been a fan of AEROPLANE for time now, they just have an amazing ability to lay down a groove and you know how much I love a groove. ‘We Can’t Fly’ lays down a particular slow paced and considered groove but a groove it undoubtedly is, you almost feel it’s going to metaphorically stall but it keeps pushing (and grooving) on. Love this track.

And now for something slightly different. The new KANO track is big, epic, in-your-face largeness. Listening to this after the previous two tracks is like that moment when the act of love making you’ve been enjoying suddenly transforms into raw, passionate sex. Both experiences are amazing but in many ways it’s the moment of transition that is most magical/ orgasmic. Check out ‘Upside’.




MUMFORD: Available immediately via iTunes