The Pope Saying He’s A Bit Partial To A Spot Of Quality Jesus Time

I’m often wary of artists remixing their own music, surely they’ve released the best version and anything wasn’t as good in their ears let alone ours?! Ho hum LIAM H’s REVAMPED REMIX of ‘Invaders Must Die’ by the Prodigy is absolutely epic. The YUKSEK Remix aint too shabby either.

Speaking of epic I’ve yet to hear BURAKA SOM SISTEMA’s new one on a club system so I can only imagine how absolutely immense an aural experience that must be. ‘Restless’ just builds and builds, epic and euphoric.

To say I’m rather found of CHROMEO would rival as an understatement the Pope saying he’s a bit partial to a spot of quality Jesus time. They (Chromeo not the Catholic Church), and the peeps wrapping their productions mits around their tracks, never fail to disappoint. The SURIUSMO Remix of ‘Night by Night’ is serene, love it!