The Return of the Dodger!

Awesome, awesome piece of RnB to share with you courtesy of… wait for this my friend… Brand Nu Music from 1990s legends ARTFUL DODGER.

Their new track ‘I Wanna Know’ is slick and groovy as anything you’ll ever hear the Americans produce, Big Up the Dodge!

Must confess to being more than a  bit partial to Radio One’s Scottish dude Vic Galloway who was finally let lose across the whole nation on Wed night / Thur morning. As much as I love his passion for New Music I must confess I didn’t ever expect to have Vic introduce me to a new urban superstar but that’s exactly what he did about one in the morning.

I’d check out the whole of PROFISEE’s live session but especially the awesome first track ‘Segregation’.

Crikey I’ve been urban-tastic this week so lets indulge in a smidge of indie before I bov off for the weekend. Have you heard the new track from FRANZ FERDINAND yet? You should do its fabulous, really good, lets hope ‘Ulysses’ is an acccurate indicator of the quality to come on the thrid album. FIngers crossed!

nml x