The Ting Tings, Swedish House Mafia, Tinie Tempah and Harleighblu

Couple of big tracks breaking over the last 24 hours

THE TING TINGS are back with a new single although the album is apparently still some way off. Lapping up the electro vibes of their time in Berlin they look like they just might maintain that most unique of balancing acts of keeping it mainstream and credible. ‘Hands’ is a great start.

Speaking of the mainstream/ credibility tightrope SWEDISH HOUSE MAFIA look like taking over Eric Prydz’s mantle as the king of that in the dance world (ironic seeing he was one of them once I think). Their new hook up with TINIE TEMPAH is quite simply absolutely massive. ‘Miami 2 Ibiza’ is a big, big, big tune.

As far as I can see HARLEIGHBLU is a totally undiscovered talent of the highest order. Found here on a local radio stations New Music website, an absolutely incredible singer hidden away but surely not for long. ‘Rider’ was my pick of two great tracks.




THE TING TINGS: within first 30mins of Wed show

MAFIA: 30mins in at