This Is A Zoo Could You Not Feed The Animals




I do like a band that line up with something more than just the standard guitars, drums and vocals, should that something be a sax than as edam-tastic as the implications may be I am in love.

So it is with two bands I wanna mention this arvo albeit for slightly different reasons. Live IMPERIAL LEISURE are considerably more than the average their fans ironically proclaim, they are totally frenzied, attention grabbing and ass wiggle-tastic. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy ‘Jenny’ live.

DOG IS DEAD on the other hand I don’t know about live but songs wise these guys have already written a couple of unique gems (with the help of that trusty sax). The way they all seem to sing together comes across like an Indie Gospel Choir, the way they sing about Monopoly strategies is near lyrical genius. That’s in class track ‘Board Games’, ‘The Zoo’ is arguably even better. Love the sing-along to it… ‘this is a zoo could you not feed the animals!’ Got a big future this lot.

Away from the exciting world of unsigned musicians the new YEAH YEAH YEAHs track is an incredible as we could have hoped. ‘Heads Will Roll’ is big, sassy anthem with NYC written all over it.

Nml x