Thanks to my friend Lizzle Bizzle for the tip off on TINCTURE, ‘You’ll Learn’ is right up my dubby electronic avenue. Bass and Broken beats combined with a uniquely processed vocal sample that sounds half Usher, half Jamie from the XX. I know, sounds wrong, but actually sounds very right.

KAGOULE are a band I’ve been following locally for about nine months now, not quite sure why I haven’t mentioned before, I guess I wanted to ensure I wasn’t getting overly carried away by my desire for them to be awesome. I can confirm, they are awesome, and they’re going to be ‘more awesome’, if such a concept is possible either grammatically or in reality. ‘Made of Concrete’ is their stand out tune at the moment (it’s huge!!!!), but there are others such as ‘Monarchy’, which particularly live really hit the spot. A great band with a great future, especially with that incredible vocal.

MATT CORBY’s quite a new name to me, and his label ‘Communion’ aren’t exactly Sony BMG or Universal so was a bit surprised to find that his track ‘Brother’ has had nearly a million you tube views. The reason? He’s quite big in Aus, but like his compatriot Goyte only just breaking into the main stream here in the northern hemisphere. ‘Brother’ is a big, rousing and emotive track with a hint of Wild Beast vulnerability about the vocal, a track that could inspire you to nail it at the gym, or just make you cry. I love that emotional diversity.




TINCTURE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xrGJCePxI0M&list=FLYQtSBa0lLKUlBJnXGdcshA&index=43&feature=plpp_video

KAGOULE: http://www.nusic.org.uk/wordpress/future-session-12-42-%E2%80%93-kagoule/

MATT CORBY: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gpFG7DdjTbo