Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Congorock, Vato Gonzalez and Howls

TOTALLY ENORMOUS EXTINCT DINOSAURS has got to be one of the best artist names ever. Absolute linguistic genius. Their track ‘Garden’ aint too shabby either – musically speaking.

The Dinosaur action featured very much in the later part of my weekend evenings just gone. The biggest of the dancefloor moments were that CONGOROCK Remix of the already (and now all over the place) ‘One’ by Swedish House Mafia and the insatiable ‘Badman Riddim’ by VATO GONZALEZ. The later is so heavy, so funk-fueled, so, so, so bad and heavy I defy any human being’s ass not to wiggle to this track.

The new song from citizens of the US of A HOWLS was another doing a fine job alongside the extinct dinosaurs this weekend just gone of brining things down to a more chilled place. ‘Hammock’ totally nails the chilled vibe whether early days in the sun pre a big night out or late on post that night recovery. Love this bass on this.