Tower Block Electro

Quite an urban feel to my weekend discoveries and I mean that in the broadest meaning of the word. Not just RnB and HipHop although the new JAY Z record is outstanding (tis called ‘Aint I‘) but gritty, dirty and as random and unexplainable as this sounds ‘towerblock concrete’ (I know that sounds random but try telling me scouts honor that that phrase doesn’t create a certain aura in your mind, see ya can’t can ya?).

ALAN BRAXE teaming up with KILLA KELA captures your attention before you even hear the track and it doesn’t disappoint. I’ve got no idea how to drescribe it though apart from urban yet Braxey is best known as a Parisian House Don so all in all it’s combo that makes for a really interesting musical result. It’s called ‘Night Watcher’ and its going to be on the electic Eye Industries label.

Another mish-mash of house and urban with more than a veneer (or should that be sneer) of inner city electro is the DJ MEHDI remix of the classic GHOSTFACE KILLAHCharlie Brown‘. My friend who heard it simultanesouly thought it was rubbish but I think is great and what do imaginery friends know about electronic dance music anyway?

nml x