Turntable Tricks + Latino Vibes = Funky Town!

Ok I’m going to indulge in a moment of total honesty with you. I can’t remember anything about CLINIC’s ‘The Witch‘ but my little black Brand Nu book tells me it’s really good and I really liked it when I heard it on Wed eve (which was clearly a bigger and more enjoyable evening than I thought), if the little black Brand Nu book says it’s good then it must be an absolute aural delight cause the LBBNB has very high standards I’ll have you know.

Been a lot of Jacko remixes flying around recently, in fact there are always lots of Jacko remixes flying around. But because Mr J is really broke at the mo, sorry is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the release ofThriller, the number and quality does seem particularly high at the mo. The previously mentioend Herve one is probably the highest but the STREETLIFE Remix of THRILLER is certainly giving it some competition in a more understated kinda way.

Keeping the previous vibe I’ve mentioned turntable maestros RED before and the awesome ‘Seen’, got my hands on an album sampler and ‘Samba Scratch‘ is possibly as good, especially if you like some Latin flavour… Turntable Tricks + Latino Vibes = Funky Town!

nml x