Umbilical Bits

Okay Dokey (hope that is how you spell that bizarre English phrase) an ecletic range of tunes to share with ya from my weekend, actually heard quite a lot of cool old tunes I’d not heard before but I won’t toxify your eyes with mentions of those!

Tunes that got me grooving in this beautiful weather we’re currently having (bring on the global warming!) include the awesome MARK E and ‘Ray Gun’ which is one of those House tunes that just builds and builds and builds. A bit more aggressive but just as funky is THE BUG and ‘Angry’ (what a surprise the tracks a tad agressive ey) which will really make ya wiggle.

A band I’ve been aware of for a while as they’re so super keen they even send nobodies like me their demos are THE BEETROOT KINGS. Living up to their eager rep they’ve just sent me their new track so quickly it has still got umbilical cord bits all over it, need to vomit to one side ‘Call Of The Ancients’ is a really big track that feels like the sound of a band who could break thru.

Another band taking up more room on peoples radars, mainly courtersy of their not unreasonable refusal to treach luv rivals how to dance is the BLACK KEYS, their new track ‘I Got Mine’ is arguably even better. As I umm’d and ahh’d bout whether to mention the first single and eventually never did I’m defo going to big up track number two.

nml x


For Beetroot Kings: