Urban Love Childs From Lancashire

I don’t think my world will ever quite be the same again now that it contains MC DEVVO, what a truly unique talent. Think those nutters The Lancashire Hot Pot watsits I mentioned a few weeks back… imagine the lead singer had an urban lovechild with a dame from a particularly brazen part of a northern city during the Thatcher years and you have your man.

You have simply got to check out ‘Boys On The Beach‘, I can’t understand a word he says, tis crazy shit.

Something completely different but just as amazing in its own way is the new ANGIE STONE record I heard out raving on Friday (well not really raving when Angie is involved, more of a bump and grind, if only you knew how disturbing an image that is!). ‘People‘ is really up tempo, very danceable (is that a word? Is now) and an exciting insight into the sound we can expect from her new album, looking forward to that.

Handbrake turn again and we have a track I very stupidly keep forgetting to mention. I have been hearing RIZ MC’s ‘People Like People’ in all sorts of strange places, not only is it crossing genre boundaries but it even has a hint of ‘breakoutability’ which is my naff word for a trully underground track so unique it might break thru… like I totally incorrectly suspected Dan Le Sac and Scroob might at one point earlier this year.







If you want a giggle check out The Hoff look-a-like at this bizarra agency, he’s rubbish! (But very funny)