Was my mum a referee?

Going to keep it brief as I’m bursting for a pee. I know I’ve already mentioned them but still loving MALAKI and also that PETER, BJORN AND JOHNNY track, don’t know what is about me and whistles I reckon my mum must have been a part time referee when she was gestating. THE LOYAL TROOPER’s ‘Nothing To Say’ is another track that is making me smile as much as it’s making me dance.


Last night found myself surprisingly enjoying one of the best features in radio. Now I know that seems a contradiction but whilst I love X-Posure on XFM’s weekly album playback I am not so enamoured with KATE NASH so I wasn’t sure what to expect last night. It was great, real good chemistry between them I wonder if we could see them getting it on? Kate Kennedy has a decent ring to it, not so sure about John Nash. Oh and the album was quite good too as is the new single from her mate JACK PENATE ‘Second Minute Or Hour’ and hold the press I quite like the new BABYSHAMBLES track, ‘Delivery’ is out mid/late September. I’m going so commercial in my old age!

Gotta run, seeya Friday