Happy New Year mon amie, sorry I didn’t call it’s just that, yeah well, sorry, we’re back now so let’s just get down to it quicker than you can say ‘Clean Bandit had a number one?!’ What the actual?

WE WERE EVERGREEN have crafted a compellingly eccentric pop track, with an equally engaging and outre video. Plus the song feels so God damn French, funny that, cause it is. Initially ‘Daughters’ catches your attention in an almost haunting way, with a catchy but slightly creepy starting riff which is then complimented but some blissful male pop harmonies, soon joined by some female vocal vibes, which together build and build until a considerably tasty bassline is unleashed. This is close to the perfect leftfield pop track, in a better world songs like this would win Eurovision.

So much going on in ‘Get Up’ by YOUNG FATHERS, it’s a real ‘busy’ tune if ya know what I mean? (wasn’t that an Oasis song once?) . Lots of percussion, whistling, a euphoric vocal line plus a half didgeridoo/ half Titanic fog horn thing which will wreak havoc on any club system. If I had to pick one word to describe this musical pick’n’mix it would be ‘shimmy’.

More than element of shimmy about ‘Nothing Ordinary’ by LUCIUS. Throw in some ‘sass’, spread a dollop of quirk and sprinkle lightly with ‘I bet they love St Vincent’ and you get the idea, well if you’re into St Vincent you do. Otherwise you’re probably thinking what’s he been smoking this week. It’s a great track, another busy one too, worth a moment of your ears time defo.

Good to catch up.




WE ARE EVERGREEN: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ou1SoJt1lVU

YOUNG FATHERS: https://soundcloud.com/youngfathers/young-fathers-get-up-single

LUCIUS: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s1CxlF4TwEU&feature=kp