Weapons Of Mass Musical Destruction 2make Any Axis Of Evil Dictator Proud

¬†Another chilled out dare I say quite melancholy piece of indie funk to point your way (the last one being that Laughing Light Of The Plenty track I mentioned last week). The new track from WAVE MACHINES is best described with a word that sounds potentially quite patronising but really isn’t meant to, the ‘Greatest Escape’ is really nice… In a I luv u like a sister kinda way. Watch out for the bizarre middle eight but where they go a bout Chipmunks Alvin, Simon and Theowatsit styley.

I love the way PHONAT’s ‘Learn To Recycle’ not only sends out positive subliminal messages to the youth of today but also builds and builds like 2/3 great individual pieces of music into an absolute dancefloor destroyer, forgive me if I temporarily turn into Judge Jules (cheesey lines to the ready) but this is a Weapon of Mass Musical Destruction to make any Axis of Evil Dictator proud (jeepers how does he keep this up throughout a whole show?).

And if not yet (on first listen) quite a full on WMMD TIGA’s new track ‘Mind Dimension’ will definitely be concerning the legal eagle definers of the Geneva Convention, dark man dark.

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45mins in http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/petetong/