Weird But It Works

Understandably a lot of hype around the radio friendliness of the latest Deadmaus effort but its the CASPA Remix which has been the soundtrack to my weekend, I will for ever associate May bank Holiday 09 with that ‘weird but it works’ mix of melancholy vocal, dub, noise, 2 step and trance! Its like a best of electronic music 09 all mashed up one side Annie Mac minimix style. ‘I Remember’ = BIG, BIG, BIG!

Last year I was converted to Elbow but I still think BURIAL should have won the Mercury, he was the one pushing music into Melodic No Mans Land. I think the case for a retrial has just strengthened immeasurably with an awesome new creation from him teaming up with FOUR TET. Its called ‘Moth’ and the link below will take you straight to it.

Is RYE RYE actually related to MIA? Rarely has there been an artist on whom the influence of the other is so incredibly clear, seriously this make Oasis look they’d never even heard of The Beatles! But hey when an artist as inspiring and innovative as MIA is your benchmark you can only be better for it. Judgin by the Myspace plays I’m a bit late to the game here, that said when I saw her live there weren’t that many there so it felt like I was experiencing something rare and special. ‘Wassup Wassup’ is insane.

Nml x