Welcome to the best music ever

So how was New Year for you? I hope the first 72 hours of 2008 have treated you well and that Santa treated you generously towards the end of 07. Been a bit out the loop nu music wise I must confess. Whilst I did rave it up good + proper for NYE before that clubs of the credible variety were somewhat lacking in my life and every radio station known to man was playing their best of’s on tedious repeat… even the pirates!

I can’t wait for 2008 though. The aforementioned nights raving and the pirates keeping it real did provide me with a few gems, all I’ve got to do now is remember what they were called! The one track that did stand out at a very funky after party affair (big up Jon + Gemma) enough for me to remember it was SLIM AND SWIFT’s ‘Wanna Dance’, a very deep and funky 4/4 track, really nice.

I’ll be back on soon, I promise.

May 2008 be the best 12 months of your life so far : 0 )

nml x