Well Hard Vocal Chords

Crikey Mr O’Rielly CLARE MAGUIRE has an incredible voice, it’s just so big and massive. The sort of vocal chords you wouldn’t want to meet down a dark alley, you’d be black and blue bleeding in the corner with a strange inner feeling of respect like a defeated boxer admiring his conqueror’s efforts after a 12 round slugfest.

‘Strangest Thing’ has really caught my attention and fair dues to Huw Stephens for starting with it tonight. In fact Huw gave us a really good run down of tracks that have stood out for me over the festive weeks speaking of which…

BELATED HAPPY CHRISTMAS! I hope Santa treated ya most generously : 0 )

Back to those stand out tunes:

FRANK TURNER – ‘Reasons Not To Be An Idiot’ : This has a real festive feel to it in terms of its energy and melodic vibe although as far as I can hear from the lyrics has nowt to do with Santa, Baby Jesus or even the three know-it-alls.

JACK PENATE – ‘Tonight’s Today’ : Always had mixed feelings on JP but really feeling the new slightly trippy less Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins vibe.

PASSION PIT – ‘Cuddle Fuddle’ : Glad to report it looks like these Rob Da Bank favourites are not going to be just one hit wonders, a very original sound, especially by today’s regurgitative standards. Sounds like the soundtrack to a walk along a British beach with lots of old ladies in their industrial size swimsuits cackling away, err yeh you need to hear it.

Future Loop Foundation – ‘The Sea & The Sky (TRENCHMAN Remix)’ Ahh yes it wouldn’t be a Brand NU posting without some flith and bass, I love them both in equally debauched measure. This tune is big, big, big!




ALL TRACKS http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/zanelowe/