What are your favourite words?

A couple of things to point your way on the more eclectic side of beepy electronic stuff that makes you wanna boogie. I have always liked but not loved Hot Chip which means whilst admiring their work I have always been left me somewhat perplexed at quite how popular they became. Bit like when all your mates think your girlfriend is fitter than you do.

Well now I’m realising quite how fit my lady is cause the new HOT CHIP record is absolutely fab, its called ‘Shake A Fist‘ and is a definite big leap forward, this could scale the charts and everything.

The most recent Bobby and Nihal show was full of absolutely gems. You and I love hearing new music well forget new tunes this is a show where you will hear totally new sounds that you’ve never heard before (unless you happen to be a Sri Lankan MC). So many sounds, so many genres of music and this week the quality of the dance tracks really stood out.

Picking my fav two tracks from the show I’d have to say SONA FAMILY’s ‘Dil Divanna’ (in fact to be exact the Anokha Beats Remix) is classic 90s sounding funky house albeit on an Asian tip.

DJ GREAT SCOTT’s ‘Chai Overdose‘ is a lot more forward thinking and just as enjoyable, it has a real grumble to it, yes I did say grumble. Worth a listen again for sure its about an hour and 40mins into the show.

I could go on the show was so good but just one last heads up to RJ PRODUCTIONS who’s ‘526’ is not just ace but also interesting, a bizarre word for describing music that I find myself using more and more often.

Oh I tell a lie I must also mention the return of CORNERSHOP. Interesting maybe scaling the ‘my fav words’ chart but random and funky are still dominating the top 10 and both would be apt words to describe ‘The Role of Characteristics‘ which could bring Cornership back into daytime radio land… but probably not for a while yet.

nml x