What Pills Have The Verve Been Popping?

After a couple of listens I’m starting to come round, more than that I’m starting to think that yet again BASEMENT JAXX have pushed the House Music envelope and made something incredible. I’ll understand if you don’t agree cause its on the edge of musical acceptability but I am now loving ‘Twerk‘.

A tune that I didn’t expect to get me dancing is the new VERVE single, they’ve clearly been taking their Primal Scream pills injecting some dancefloor modjo into their trademark big indie sound. I particurlarly like the quirky noise that pops up continually in ‘Love is Noise’. I wonder if the rest of the album will be like this?

AT8 have more than a whiff of 90’s legends Sleeper about them which for anyone like me who has a whole section of their brain dedicated to Britpop can only be a good thing. I really like ‘Adam’s Party’.

nml x