Where’s the House Music gone Radio One?

For some reason no promoter wants my excellent value dj services tonight and as that’s been a slightly more regular occurrence recently than I care to admit my piggy banks looking dry and I’m staying in. It does mean I’m able to soak up the full range of radio options currently available.

My local station is playing absolute drab, possibly the most soulless Saturday night show I’ve ever heard, a random mix of pop and a presenter who sounds like they don’t wanna be there, in fact they almost sound like they ain’t there… if it was that BBC 6 station I’d think there’s another scam going on! Pudsey better not have gone back to his old ways ; 0 )

Speaking of the Beeb its all about urban on Saturday night. I’ve always thought Trevor Nelson is a great radio dj but this new show has a lot chat even for some one as gifted with the gab as him, in some ways it feels more like a two hour advert for his 1xtra breaky show (which is really good) than a big exciting Saturday night show. For all his weaknesses you gotta admit when Jules was on you knew it was Saturday, I’m missing Saturday night House on Radio One.

And then of course there is Westwood. What a legend. The key with Mr W is I feel not to take him too seriously. Forget the fact he’s 50 and have a giggle and enjoy the best hiphop on the planet cause he does get it before anyone else… fact. Surely he’ll be moved on soon though?

1xtra is also Trevor till ten and right now I’m enjoying the sounds of DJ Target. This show1xtra is all about for me. It has the big, phat sound and raw feel of pirate but with professionalism in just the right places e.g. not speaking all over the tracks, not biggng up their girlfriend constantly, not accidentally stopping the track! Never heard Target before and his varied styles are just about making unemployment worthwhile : 0 )

nml x