Who’s Afraid Of Detroit?

School Night raving paid big dividends on Weds evening as I discovered a new CLAUDE VON STROKE track and my oh my did it sound insane on a big sound system. Quirky, groovy House that is very much the sound of now for me House music wise, check out ‘Who’s Afraid of Detroit?

I also heard a track which I subsequently heard Mary Anne Hobs drop as she attempted to drum Mr Lowe into the ground on the latest of his Versus series. The best by a mile cause it actually did what Radio One is meant to do… push music you won’t hear anywhere else. The stand out tune both on Wed night and Thur eve was FLYING LOTUS’s ‘GNG BNG‘.

Speaking of big tunes on the Radio another incredible start to two hours of worldwide beats from Giles Peterson. Two songs in he dropped a really good remix of Marlena Shaw’s ‘California Soul’ courtesy of DIPLO and then followed that with a monsterous piece of, well what to call it, Mystical Funk is probably the most accurate description I can give you. Check out the ‘Serbian Track’ three songs into Giles’s latest show, and do it quick!

nml x