Wibble Wobble Riddim

Whilst never generally the biggest R KELLY fan I always liked the happy chilled funky vibe of that ‘Happy People’ track so no surprise I like this new track ‘Joyful People’ which sounds bizarrely familiar! Ho Hum at least he doesn’t need to worry about sueing himself!

‘Wibble Wobble Riddim’ is musical phenomena that words can’t really do justice and must simply be experienced. Mr Goldfinger very kindly kicked off his show with it so not too much Listen Again strife required to check it out.

On the electronic/ indie vibe and really liking what strikes me as a slightly mischievous cover of the Foals track ‘Cassius’ by an electronic collab calling themselves HUMAN FOALS. Mischievous or not its really good even if it did start as a joke.

Nml x