Wolfgang Gartner

Never heard of producers GROOVE ARM but I’m really, really feeling their House stormer  ‘Pull It Up Crank It Up’ which has more than a feel of the classic ‘Spaced Invader’ by Haitras. Its the sort of gimmick free, pure House track that has a surgically sharp and accurate appeal direct to your dancing shoes.

Big up to Eddie Temple Morris’s ever awesome (and recently expanded) Xfm show which introduced me to a great new collab/ mash-up (not exactly sure to be honest) called ‘Oh Lord’, the peeps responsible being  THE SHOE vs PRIMARY ONE.

Keeping it on the dancefloor but departing from the pure world of Groove Arm into the toxic dirty world of WOLFGANG GARTNER. ‘Flash Back’ is just as likely to seduce you onto the dancefloor but does so in a really dirty, bass heavy squelchy way that will most probably leave you feeling slightly violated!

Nml x


WOLF  http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=gW05dvMg8Vw